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The Life Assure Foundation is dedicated to improving the safety and wellbeing of seniors in Canada. We strive to create a supportive network of organizations and individuals to ensure that seniors are able to maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life. Our foundation works with government agencies, community partners, and advocacy groups to support programs and services that promote the physical and mental health of seniors, as well as their financial security. We also strive to raise awareness about issues that affect seniors, such as social isolation, elder abuse, and accessibility. By working together as a society, we can ensure that our aging population is taken care of and respected.


The Life Assure foundation is dedicated to promoting senior safety. We recognize that seniors are often among the most vulnerable members of our society. To ensure that seniors have access to the resources and support they need, we work together with local businesses, charities, and community leaders. Our mission is to provide seniors with a safe and secure environment in which to live, work, and play.

We work with businesses to ensure that their services are accessible and inclusive for seniors. We collaborate with charities to provide assistance for those in need. We partner with community leaders to create awareness about the importance of senior safety.


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